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Welcome on the English company profile and service website of catWorkX - Your Atlassian Full-Service Company!

“Building bridges” that's catWorkX slogan. It outlines our passion to connect people and systems. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, catWorkX offers the complete chain of services and knowledge along the Atlassian various products including JIRA and Confluence.

Based on a solid IT infrastructure, catWorkX knows how to operate and maintain Atlassian products for clients and their installations. Over ten years ago, catWorkX assisted Atlassian to translate JIRA for the German market. Our deep Atlassian product knowledge led to add-on developments that are focused on making maintenance tasks much more efficient, especially in the range for large scale enterprises.

Furthermore catWorkX provides software licenses for Atlassian and other partner products, system integration, customization development, training, service and support.